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2014 WomenConnected Grants

This year, members of WomenConnected voted to award $110,000 to 16 ProHealth Care programs.  The recipients are as follows:

Supporting Recovery- $10,000

This grant will help launch Supporting Recovery, a unique model of care for patients struggling with addiction and behavioral health disorders. The program aims to have a positive effect on readmissions by adding checkpoints, improving accessibility to community resources and increasing patient compliance of prescribed medication in addition to attending regularly scheduled doctor visits.

Therapy Services- $2,025

Currently there are three certified lymphedema therapists throughout ProHealth Care. Inpatient therapy at WMH is the only site not staffed with a full-time certified therapist. This grant will support the lymphedema certification of a full-time therapist to treat inpatients at WMH.

ProHealth Care Stroke Program EMS Stroke Education Event- $1,500

As a part of ProHealth Care’s continued collaboration with area EMS services, and to better meet the needs of our patients, the PHC Stroke Program plans to offer a Stroke/TIA educational event for EMS providers from the communities we serve.  This grant would support the cost of offering this training in Waukesha, Oconomowoc and Mukwonago for up to 150 EMS providers.

Effect of brief neuropsychology consultation on total cost of care, quality of life, and satisfaction in complex patients without a diagnosis of dementia: A Pilot Study- $17,825

This grant will support a study aimed at determining if a brief neuropsychology consultation will aid in reducing total health care costs to patients. The study aims to improve communication with providers, increase medication compliance or reduce risks for medical events that require hospitalization or other intervention.

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)- $2,200

The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program was developed to help victims of sexual assault receive medical treatment and support for physical and emotional needs while collecting evidence to help capture their assailants. This grant will support local educational opportunities for the ten members of the SANE team.

External Fetal Monitor for High BMI Patients- $23,000

Fetal monitoring during labor is a crucial indicator of fetal viability and well-being. The current ultrasound technology used in the Birthing Center does not adequately monitor the fetal heart rate for mothers with a higher BMI.  This grant would support the purchase of 2 new fetal monitors, which track the infant heart rate through electrical impulses not impacted by the mother’s BMI.

Inspiratory Muscle Trainer proposal for Pulmonary Rehab- $1,400

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation provides patients with a variety of tools to combat this disease, including breathing techniques, conserving energy, and reducing anxiety and stress.  This grant would support the purchase of inspiratory muscle trainers, a breath management tool that improves quality of life and reduce sick days and hospital admissions.

Surgical Serenity- $4,665

The OMH recovery room is dedicated to a positive patient experience post-operatively. In recent years, patients and families have shared that noise and necessary conversation can become disruptive as they are waking up from surgery.  The staff will create a more soothing environment by providing headphones and iPods for patients to listen to music, as well as installing scenic overhead tiles backlit with nature scenes.

NICU- $20,000

Currently at both WMH and OMH, the birthing units use Panda Warmers for infants post-delivery.  These Panda Warmers have the necessary essentials needed to warm, monitor, stabilize, and if needed, resuscitate the infant.  This grant would support the purchase of a Panda Warmer for the NICU at WMH, which currently does not have any.

Public Health Plan Facilitator- $4,160

The Waukesha Family Practice Center acts as a medical home for a large population of disadvantaged patients in Waukesha County.  By adding a public health plan facilitator position, these patients can receive assistance when trying to access insurance through Medicaid or Medicare, opening treatment options to them and reducing the number of visits to the ER. This grant will support a part time position to aid patients as they apply for insurance.

Nurses Improving Care to the Health System Elders (NICHE)- $3,300

WomenConnected has long been a supporter of NICHE educational training, as well as items that would assist these nurses when caring for the older adult population.  This grant would cover the purchase of activity pillows- used to distract patients who are confused so they do not pull out their IVs; as well as hearing amplifiers to allow patients to better communicate with their caregivers.

Walker Proposal for 5 Medical- $2,112

Approximately 60% of patients on the 5 Medical unit of WMH are age 65 and older. Acute illness and chronic health conditions can contribute to a rapid decline in strength, endurance and functional mobility during their hospital stay.  This grant would support the purchase of enough walkers to enhance independence all of the patients on 5 Medical- allowing nurses to spend time with the patients, not seeking out walkers in other areas of the hospital.

Neuroscience Center- Pain Management- $964

A significant portion of the patients being seen through Pain Management have difficulty keeping track of their scheduled medications. Those with the greatest difficulty have been affected by a brain injury, forgetfulness or problems with pain control. This grant would purchase pill organizers, aimed at assisting these patients to manage and stay on track with their scheduled medications.

Capturing Success Equipment Request- $900

The Hispanic Health Resource Center, provides services to a primarily Spanish-speaking population. Many of the programs offered to these individuals, receive grants and donor support that requires reporting and documentation to ensure future funding.  This grant will support the purchase of a DSLR camera, memory card and carrying case to properly capture these successful programs.

LUCAS 2 Surgical Services- WMH- $15,000

The LUCAS 2 device is lifesaving equipment for patients who have cardiac emergencies. This equipment performs automated consistent chest compressions to the patient, significantly improving outcomes for sudden cardiac arrest. This grant will support the purchase of a LUCAS 2 to be used in the Surgical Services area of WMH.

RN Health Coach Program- $949

The Health Coach program at PHC is a rapidly expanding department developed to meet the needs of the growing, elderly population with multiple chronic conditions. Health Coaches assist patients in finding resources to meet their wellness goals- staying healthy and out of the hospital.  This grant will support the purchase of magnetic emergency contact holders and inserts for these patients, which hold critical information for EMS or health care providers to have access to.


To learn more about WomenConnected, or any of the programs funded through membership support, please contact Kristin Freiberg via email or at 262-928-4057.