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Frequently Asked Questions About Genetic Testing

Helpful information on genetic testing and counseling

Will my insurance company pay for genetic counseling?

Most insurance companies cover genetic counseling like any other specialist services. However, every insurance plan is different. Some plans may require a referral from your doctor.

Will my insurance company pay for genetic testing?

Most insurance companies do cover the cost of genetic testing just like any outpatient lab work. Your genetic counselor will be able to help you determine coverage and will be able to write a letter of medical necessity, if needed.

Can insurance companies use genetic test results to discriminate?

There are laws in the State of Wisconsin and under the federal government that protect patients from having insurance companies use genetic test results in a negative way. We also do not have well-documented cases that insurance companies are using this information to raise rates or deny coverage. Your genetic counselor will also provide information regarding insurance and the laws during your appointment.


"I was lucky to have the option of going anywhere in the country, or the world, for treatment. But I chose to fight the battle for my life at the Regional Cancer Center. I trusted the doctors and felt that the Center provided state-of-the-art treatment and technology. The staff truly cared, and I knew I would not become just another number. I was given a feeling of hope."

- Jeanne Safro, Regional Cancer Center Patient