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Community Outreach Summary Reports

The multi-disciplinary cancer team at ProHealth Care utilizes an evidenced-based practice approach to treating cancer.  This means using the best evidence and research available to help inform decision-making for recommended treatment protocols. As a Commission on Cancer (CoC) accredited program, ProHealth Care submits data to, and has access to, the National Cancer Database (NCDB). ProHealth Care uses this information to monitor performance against national standards for established treatment protocols.

One report generated from the NCDB is the Cancer Program Practice Profile Report (CP3R) which allows accredited programs, like ProHealth Care, to compare their performance to other CoC accredited programs in Wisconsin and the U.S. Currently there are three treatment protocols for breast cancer and three for colorectal cancer that the NCDB has selected for focus.

ProHealth Care is proud to exceed CoC expected performance for all six of the protocols monitored.

In addition, ProHealth Care is committed to offering cancer education and screening programs to enhance access to cancer prevention, early detection and treatment. Following are reports on our quality initiatives and outreach efforts.

2014 Report

2013 Report

2012 Report